Packaged Foods A Goldmine For Fresh Produce Branding Ideas

I love grocery stores. It’s a sick addiction, I admit, but as a fresh produce marketer, I find the branding and packaging of grocery products so interesting.

In fresh produce, our branding and on-pack message has often been limited to a PLU sticker smaller than a postage stamp. Makes it tough to be creative with a brand or message when there is no room!

Hence why I envy packaged foods. Packaged food manufacturers treat every square speck of their package as a billboard to convey powerful “buy me” messages to shoppers. On a crowded shelf, these messages are often the difference between sale vs no sale. It is hugely competitive…and there is so much the fresh produce industry can learn from their strategies, brands and on-pack messages.

This blog is about showcasing packaged foods, analysing (and admiring!) their branding, packaging and on-pack message, then relating this analysis to the fresh produce industry.

Why is understanding packaged food branding and packaging strategy important for the fresh produce industry? Because these companies compete, aggressively, for a share of the shopper’s stomach. In Western countries, shoppers are not going to eat more. The Western stomach is already full. We can only grow fresh produce consumption by getting them to choose different foods to put in their basket.

This is a huge challenge, complicated further by the fact packaged food companies do a much better job of branding and selling their products to consumers via their packaging. This, in its essence, is what this blog is all about.

I will showcase the best packaged food brands, show you their packaging, highlight the on-pack messages they are using to drive sales then help you create the same compelling message on your product’s packs.

More effective packaging and on-pack messaging is the future for the fresh produce industry…let’s learn from the best together.

PS: Seen a great packaged food product that you want to see featured in this blog? Simply snap a picture or two, email it to me ( with a note telling me why it caught your attention and I will try to feature it in this blog.

Here’s to more effective fresh produce packaging.