Kids Yogurt Provides Ideas for Marketing Fresh Produce to Children

My 24 May packaging tweet showed the back nutrition panel of a product called Vaalia kids vanilla yoghurt. This pack does a fantastic job of marketing its nutritional benefits in an easy, simple and ‘helpful friend’ tone. While it targets kids, it does a great job of talking to parents who are the purchase decision makers.

Here is what I liked about their on-pack messaging.

On the front, they’ve done several things really well.
• There is a focus on Omega3 but with the link being the kid benefit of “for brain function and concentration.” Omega3 is big right now so they’ve capitalised on this opportunity.
• They also refer to probiotics, no artificial colours and preservative free. This is not new but what I like is they’ve drawn out and highlighted the kid benefit with the simple smiley face statement saying, “packed with goodness.”

The pack’s front is good, but I think the back nutritional panel is where this product really excels.

Rather than just put the legally required nutrition panel, they have brought the often confusing nutrition panel to life with easy to understand benefit statements.
• Protein now gets linked with “for growing bodies”
• Fat gets highlighted as “low fat” and the statement “low GI for sustained energy and concentration”
• Calcium gets linked to “for strong bones and teeth”
• The probiotic additives get linked to “for happy tummies and immunity”

How often in fresh produce do we have a product that has nutritional benefits, but all we do is make the legally required statement? By understanding how packaged food marketers market their nutrition benefits, we can learn from the best to improve our own packaging and on-pack message.