In Packaging, The Devil Is In The Details

I read an interesting stream from my Fresh Produce Google Group recently about ASDA adopting an innovative traffic light colour coding system for their avocados.

The article describes how a green box will be used for lovely, brown ripe Hass avocados that are ready to eat, an orange box will be used for avocados a few days away from being ripe and a pink box will be used for not ripe avocados. I applaud this initiative to colour code because let’s face it, avocado ripeness is a mystery to most shoppers.

However, the devil is in the details. Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it counter-intuitive to put a ripe avocado in a green box, because green is the colour of an unripe avocado? Does it run the risk of confusing the shopper? Does green = green or does green = ripe?

Food for thought…