How To Design A Brand

Hot off the press, the following column has just appeared in Produce Plus Magazine’s Winter 2013 issue. The task was to write a column on effective branding in under 500 words.

Must admit – I think I achieved it quite nicely.

Branding is a passion of mine – particularly produce brands that talk to the consumer. For most of fresh produce, this area is untapped. Tiz why I am on a one-woman mission to reach out to growers and help them with their branding and packaging communication strategy.

Most every produce company pays hugely for packaging – but often then just puts a very plain or perfunctory message on the pack. That’s now an outdated strategy, past its use-by date. My goal is to help anyone who pays for packaging turn that space into a powerful and persuasive sales tool that says, “Buy Me.”

By simply looking at packaging communication from a shopper point of view, produce companies can drive sales AND often earn more dollars simply be getting their packaging communication right.