Sometimes Branding Is Simple

A simple, yet effective brand that talks straight to the needs of a shopper.

It’s is interesting to read about branding.

There are lots of people who make it sound like branding is an expensive and complicated process. There is no doubt, if you are a big corporate with lots of brands in lots of countries, I am sure it is complicated and expensive.

Fresh Produce Branding Does Not Have To Be Complicated

But for the average produce company, I don’t think branding has to be that complicated at all.

Take a look at this gum pack I just bought. I love it – vitamin gum. Any uncertainty at all what’s in the pack? What’s more interesting to me I how little they sell the ‘vitamin’ story on the front – instead they just use the power of the words to get you to purchase.

While the brand appears simple, it shows a good understanding of their target market. Getting the right ‘vitamins and minerals’ and being healthy is all the rage. But who wants to eat a lot of fruit and veg to do it? Easier to chew gum, don’t you think?

I have to admit I bought it not because I am terribly interested in the gum – but I really loved the simplicity and clarity of the packaging. Can you see it has a strong, visual appeal and the words are like a purchasing magnet?

They develop their story more completely on the back of the pack. Their catch phrase is, “Chew the right thing” and on the back they talk about how vitamin gum is the next generation of chewing gum.  It is concocted to have a long lasting flavour, be sugar free and contain vitamins A, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D and E. Sounds a bit like singing the alphabet song!

A Brand Can Be As Simple or as Complicated As You Chose To Make It

The take away point is: a brand can be as simple or complex as you decide to make it.

I believe that in this day and age, when we are over-inundated with marketing and advertising messages, the simpler and more direct you can make your brand in terms of consumer benefits – the more cut through and appeal your brand will have.