Packaging Is The Final 10 Seconds

I read a great article the other day on packaging. It described it as the final 10 seconds of the sale. All the work done to get the customer in store and looking for your product goes to waste if your packaging turns them off…or fails to capture their attention.

I love the analogy of packaging being the final 10 seconds.

This directly relates to a conversation I had with a grower the other day. Once again, they were advertising their product in mainstream media (read EXPENSIVE) but their packaging was a complete turn-off from a shopper point of view.

So while they may have got 90% right in the lead up to the purchase, the failure to capture the final “10 seconds” meant they ultimately lost the sale.

Packaging Is Expensive If It Is Not Getting Shoppers To Buy

As I tried to explain to the growers – when you have that much invested in marketing, advertising and PR to attract your shopper to the product, a failure to convert that investment to a sale makes the ‘cost’ of your packaging and the ‘cost’ of your marketing very expensive indeed.

That’s why packaging – and the research to support key message development and good brand development – is important to invest in. Compared to advertising and losing sales as a result of non-conversion, investing in packaging is a shrewd spend.