Russian Dolls and a Single Minded Purpose


This shop, selling only Russian dolls, is a great example of having a single minded purpose.

Often in marketing, you will hear people talk about the need to have a ‘single minded purpose.’ Basically, the meaning is know who your audience is…and know what you want to say to them.

These days, with consumers expecting more and more customisation, the more you can tailor your product and your message to a niche market, the more value you can get. At least, that’s the theory anyway.

The More You Niche, The More You Drive Value Growth

I wrote about this a few blogs back when I covered the difference in health messages between Vital Vegetables and Beneforte Broccoli.

  • Beneforte Broccoli is going for a health niche, but a broader message, with its higher antioxidant benefit.
  • Vital Vegetables, is also going for a health niche, but narrowing down into specific health issue sub-segments – e.g. eye health, immunity, bone health, etc.

Neither strategy is right or wrong – just different ways to approach the issue.

Fresh Produce Has Niche Opportunities

Fresh produce and fresh produce packaging has so much opportunity to develop more single minded purpose messaging.

Currently in fresh produce, growers market their products as if ‘one size fits all.’ As a result, there are times when you really talk to no one because you are trying to talk to everyone.

  • What would happen if you niched down?
  • Got more specific?
  • Targeted a market and then delivered a message specific to them?

I can remember having a discussion about this with a carrot company.

Using consumer research, I identified a niche segment is smaller, narrower carrots. Currently the carrots were being binned and sold as a waste product, but the research identified a potential niche in offering a smaller, whole carrot for kids.

The audience was more cost conscious parents who couldn’t regularly afford the rolled, packaged baby carrots, but were unhappy with the jumbo carrots they then had to cut down to feed the kids. The challenge was getting the grower to see the opportunity and go for the niche!

Instead, they agreed there was an opportunity to do more with the carrots, but didn’t go niche. Sales have been okay…but not great. One can only wonder how much better the product would have performed had they take the risk and gone niche to families with kids.

So, why a photo of a shop selling Russian dolls for this blog post? Because – this must be the ultimate example of going niche and having a single minded purpose. Stackable Russian dolls were all this shop sold. Talk about commitment to a niche!

The take away point from this is – going niche takes bravery. It takes trusting in the research and in consumers. If the niche product is a success, the rewards are more sales…and more dollars. I think that is worth trying to achieve.