Great Mango Pack Steals My Heart

I love it when I come across a great fresh produce pack. It thrills me to my toes to see effective on-pack marketing in action.

I was recently in Singapore doing some retail strategy work for a client and I stumbled across this fantastic Pakistan mango pack.

What makes it so good? Lots of things.

  1. First, it educates shoppers on mango ripeness. I believe as produce growers and marketers we have a duty to educate shoppers so they can be successful with our products. This pack, through using the simple colour guide for ripeness, educates shoppers exceptionally well.
  2. Second it provides tiered use. So if the product is firm ripe, then the pack describes how to use firm product. If the mango is soft ripe, the pack describes how to use that product as well. This helps drive repeat sales as customers can be successful.
  3. Third, the pack communicates this information easily and cleanly. It is not over done or over complicated. It communicates information of value in a way that is easy to understand.

There are lots of products that can learn from a pack like this. Is your product one of them?