Packaging Matters

March 20, 2017

Companies don’t care about their packaging and mostly when I ask a grower about it, they reply variably with “It’s not an issue for us” or “We’re happy with our current packaging – it’s working fine.” And they’re half right, packaging itself is neither the problem nor the solution. But the ability to utilize every means at your disposal to sell more produce for more money is.

People don’t buy fruits or vegetables because of a brand name or what variety it is. They buy it for what it does for them. This means it’s time to stop treating your packaging as if it’s simply the protective shielding you use to transport your produce. Packaging can be a key weapon to win the “produce wars”, by capturing shopper attention and driving your sales.

“Don’t sell the apple, sell the crunch!”

In produce, the best way to stop being treated as a “commodity” is to stop acting like one… separate yourself from the pack. Position yourself as a premium brand.

Talk to the shopper on-pack, appeal to a trigger point that prompts them to buy. Maybe it’s around taste. Maybe you grade your produce to a higher standard. What does that mean to the shopper? What are the benefits to them? Tease those benefits out and put them front and center on your pack. Think about the unique effects temperature, soil, part of the world where you grow have on the sweetness / firmness of your product? If those factors benefit the shopper, then tell that story. Don’t just re-state the obvious on your packaging.

Ask yourself, “Is our packaging working as hard as possible to drive our sales?” What if you could change your pack from being an expense… to being a profit generating tool? A sales tool to drive dollars and units?

Shoppers will emotionally connect with your brand and the product benefits and you will be able to charge the premium price you deserve.