JK Farming

FROM PRICE TAKER… TO PRICE MAKER. Launching an innovative, new, consumer-centric grape brand in a competitive category.

The California grape category is crowded with competition and big budgets. Joe Kosareff of JK Farming, an independent grape grower, wanted to break away from selling his premium quality, organic grapes through brokers. Brokers were only interested in selling his organic grapes as conventional grapes not recognizing the premium grade product.

Working through the FreshInsights™ process the grape category was defined including the competition and the grape-buying consumer. It became clear there was a lack of brand and packaging communication innovation within the category – which meant this was also a unique opportunity.

Existing packaging was basic, differentiated in a few basic ways, e.g. by colour, seed or variety. Some marketed a bit more with seasonal promotions or to children with little connection to consumer buying motives.

Consumers don’t just like grapes, they love them. Out of all the products Lisa has worked with over 20 years, grapes enjoy the strongest consumer connection and have passionate, loyal fans. Yet when it came to packaging, none of this was being recognized. Opportunities lie in the gaps and Joe’s marketable niche was found.

Nine potential positioning opportunities were identified. Positioning statements were developed based on resonance and cut-through. A unique grower story was developed and used as a tool to position JK Farming as a forward thinking, organic grape category partner. And rather than selling grapes to brokers at reduced margins, niche retailers were sought who were interested in organic grapes and the new branding.

Using the FreshInsights™ process, Lisa helped Joe develop a sales strategy, a fresh and distinctive brand identity and two unique, consumer brands to ensure this independent grape grower would stand out from the competition.

The bottom line: JK Farms saw a 10-15% increase in farm returns – within a few weeks of the product launch.

“Working with Lisa, even across the miles, was easy. We spoke weekly and she always did what she said. She was strategic, clever and innovative and took charge of the whole process allowing me to get on with growing. Her packaging concepts are years ahead of their time and have set me apart from all other grape growers. My bottom line has benefitted from her expertise already and I know I will be reaping the rewards of her work for years to come.

— Joe Kosareff, JK Farming, California, USA