Pink Lady Apples NZ

Pink lady apples partners with NZ Breast Cancer Foundation to mutual benefit

Pink Lady apples are grown in New Zealand mainly for export markets. However, it is an apple well suited to New Zealand tastes and Pink Lady NZ wanted to create a promotional platform for the apple. But the apple category in New Zealand is crowded with multiple apple varieties at a range of price points. How could Pink Lady launch itself in the local market as a premium apple, securing the shelf space and promotions required to drive sales?

Pink Lady NZ worked with Lisa Cork to pull together a promotion in partnership with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Using her FreshInsights™ process, Lisa started the project by purchasing Homescan demographic research on the apple category to ensure there was a good fit between Pink Lady apples and NZ Breast Cancer Foundation demographics. While older female consumers buy less apples in volume, they spend more per occasion – proving they purchase premium apple varieties.

Armed with data that showed Pink Lady apples would likely increase their category sales and value, retail support was sought. Two leading New Zealand retailers agreed to support the Pink Lady/Breast Cancer campaign and a promotional program was drawn up.

To carry the breast cancer message to consumers, brand new packaging was created showcasing the Pink Lady logo and the Breast Cancer Foundation Pink Ribbon on front of pack. On back of pack, a breast cancer early-detection message ensured the pack was educating women about breast cancer too.

To showcase the partnership in store, a range of POS tools were developed including posters, banners and wobblers. Display competitions within stores ensured Pink Lady apples received shelf-space and educated in-store produce teams about the partnership.

Results were impressive given the limited budget.

  • Pink Lady sales increased 85% over 2015 season.
  • Pink Lady apple sales in a new region increased by 1969%.
  • Pink Lady apples were successfully repositioned at retail as a mid to late season mainstream apple brand.
  • We co-negotiated a successful Diamond Corporate Partnership with NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Facebook engagement increased by 543% – from 254 to over 1,600 followers from June to November 2016.
  • Successful in-store display promotions were run which achieved around 25 – 45% more entries than average.