PIQA Boo Fruits

Creating a Strategic Global Brand for a World First Fruit With many Stakeholders, Limited Time and MINIMAL Budget.

PIQA Boo is a new fruit combining the best of Japanese, Chinese and European pears. Developed over twenty years by Plant and Food Research New Zealand and commercialised by Prevar Limited, PIQA Boo’s seven marketers and exporters needed a ‘go to market’ launch strategy to help them successfully sell and position the fruit during it’s first season in market.

Lisa Cork with her team and the FreshInsights™ Process initially undertook comprehensive background research to understand PIQA Boo’s potential positioning platforms with both Western and Eastern consumers. Recognising each culture would experience PIQA Boo in different ways dependent on the main pear type currently eaten, Lisa defined what PIQA Boo offered to each main cultural group and used this as the key to developing the brand story and collateral. Significant time was spent making sure the story resonated with Asian colleagues to ensure success with the Asian consumer target market.

PIQA Boo launched in April 2016 with new, Asian consumer-centric marketing materials supporting this new and innovative fruit.

Collateral materials provided at launch included:

  • 90-second promotional video
  • Asian consumer focussed brand story
  • POS and online fruit sales supporting materials for Asian retail