Same, Same But Different: Launching a Bold Carrot Brand in Australia

Same, Same But Different: Launching a Bold Carrot Brand in Australia


As a specialist fresh produce brand strategist, Lisa was asked to come up with a brand name and bold packaging for a new variety of whole baby carrots to cut through the clutter of a busy vegetable category.

In Australia, small carrots are either called either ‘Petite’ or ‘Baby’ with no real innovation. Often these petite or baby carrots are just the runts of the field, leftover after all the normal sized carrots have been harvested.

Lisa’s client, Harvest Moon – one of Australia’s largest veggie growers, didn’t want something the same as everyone else. They wanted something very different. They invested in a global search to find a special little carrot – one that stayed small even when it was fully grown. And this tasty little beauty deserved to be called something different.


Enter Lisa. Working with her team and using a new type of SMS consumer feedback, they researched then chose the word ‘snack-sized’ to describe these carrots, enabling differentiation from the other smalls and petite carrots available. They also created a bold veggie brand – Snackables – building on the snack sized carrot theme.

On pack, these snacking carrots needed to stand out in a crowded market place, so a purple logo was created – perfectly complimenting the carrot’s colour and making a bold statement in the fresh produce department.

Perfectly sized for kids and adults alike, these packs are bringing fun and boldness to a category that was the same, same until Snackables was introduced.

Snackables:  same, same, but very different.