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We create bold brands that capture attention.

A brand is more than just your farm name or a logo. It is a combination of strategy, positioning, creative elements, personality, values, perceptions and more. We create brands that tell compelling stories and generate new opportunities.

We design persuasive packaging that sells.

Packaging is more than a protective shell that transports your product from A to B. Your packaging is a potent, in-store bill board that when designed well, tells your unique story and motivates shoppers to buy. We create smart, high-impact packaging designs that cut through the clutter and give you a competitive advantage.

We develop smart, savvy strategies

A strategy is a plan to bring about a desired future. We merge our knowledge of food and health trends with extensive international experience and a deep understanding of the produce industry to bring an experienced set of eyes to your business. Our specialty is uncovering untapped opportunities and generating new ideas. Expect us to question everything about your status quo as we partner with you to help you grow.


At Fresh Produce Marketing, we care deeply about our client's business goals. Using our proven and successful FreshInsights™ model, we excel at helping companies find and leverage strategic opportunities that create demand and grow value. Our experience, combined with innovative and intuitive thinking, enables us to bring a valuable fresh perspective to fresh produce businesses.

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