March 24, 2011

Airplane Chat Reveals Fresh Produce Packaging Insight

I love meeting people on airplanes. The conversation is always diverse and interesting. On a flight to Melbourne recently, I sat next to a very engaging business woman and we had a great conversation about produce packaging. Even though I consider my packaging thinking cutting edge, I am always open to someone else’s thoughts and opinions. Melissa and I got to talking about cereal marketing (my favourite subject!) and how cereal companies optimise every square millimetre of their packaging with targeted, “buy me” messages that appeal to segmented groups of consumers. We compared this to the fresh produce category, where  
March 15, 2011

Using ‘Provenance’ to Create a Point of Difference

One of most cost-effective ways to monitor food trends is to observe what packaged food companies are doing. These companies are usually big, have budgets equal to the GNP of a small African nation and they invest in research. Chances are if a packaged food company is featuring a message theme on their packaging – this is a trend you should be paying attention to. This week, I am loving Wattie’s (New Zealand) “Pick of the Crop” labelling on their canned fruits and vegetables. There are three things we can learn from their packaging. 1. Notice the frequency and prominence  
March 4, 2011

More Than Just Water… If You Believe The Hype!

Who would have thought 20 years ago, water would become a billion dollar category? Having just returned from the USA and seen it first hand, water is big business. The category is expanding beyond the initial offering of bottled spring water to a whole new category of value added, health waters. The range and choice is now mind boggling! In this blog, we feature and analyse the cool and clever packaging of water brand, function: Urban Detox, to see what we can learn. function: Urban Detox 1. Great name. For young city dwellers, Urban Detox has huge resonance. 2. The  
March 4, 2011

Packaged Foods A Goldmine For Fresh Produce Branding Ideas

I love grocery stores. It’s a sick addiction, I admit, but as a fresh produce marketer, I find the branding and packaging of grocery products so interesting. In fresh produce, our branding and on-pack message has often been limited to a PLU sticker smaller than a postage stamp. Makes it tough to be creative with a brand or message when there is no room! Hence why I envy packaged foods. Packaged food manufacturers treat every square speck of their package as a billboard to convey powerful “buy me” messages to shoppers. On a crowded shelf, these messages are often the