March 20, 2017

A US President, Broccoli and Where The Produce Revolution Began

The biggest marketing coup of my career came just after I became Marketing Manager at Apio Produce Sales… it involved broccoli and a President. President George Bush Sr. banned broccoli from Air Force One, saying he’d hated it since boyhood. Given Apio was big into broccoli I had to do something, so I organized a ten ton “protest”. Our growers donated the broccoli and we trucked 10 tons of it to the White House. The global media ate it up. Would you believe it was the first press release I’d ever written? Besides generating over $150 million dollars in free  
March 8, 2017

Mr Apple NZ Ltd

A BRAND DEVELOPMENT JOURNEY: FROM TRADE TO CONSUMER FOCUSED OR HOW TO INCREASE RETAIL DIRECT SALES IN CHINA AND ASIA. THE CHALLENGE: Mr Apple is New Zealands largest apple exporter. Responsible for exporting 25% of the New Zealand crop to 60 markets around the world, it’s a well known trade brand. However, changing market conditions in Asia showed retail direct business was on the rise. In order to optimise sales and drive brand awareness with consumers, Mr Apple needed to rethink its branding, brand story and packaging. THE SOLUTION: Mr Apple contracted Lisa Cork of Fresh Produce Marketing to help  
March 8, 2017


BRAINSTORMING SESSION UNLOCKS NEW VALUE GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES THE CHALLENGE: NutriKiwi is a brand that has worked hard to position itself successfully in the Australian market. The company wanted to move beyond ‘commodity’ and position the brand to earn more revenue per carton. THE SOLUTION: NutriKiwi hired Fresh Produce Marketing’s CEO, Lisa Cork, for an informal brainstorming session to review their strategic plan and identify new growth opportunities. THE RESULTS: The brainstorming session yielded seven new ideas for NutriKiwi to unlock more value growth and position the brand ‘beyond commodity.’ Highlights of the insights included: 1. Position CEO as a key  
May 6, 2014

How Homemade Truffles Link To Fresh Produce Value Growth

A girlfriend of mine recently started a business making homemade truffles. These little chocolate treats are amazing – creamy, flavourful and very hard to stop at one. She decided to sell them at a local farmers market and we recently spent time discussing her pricing strategy. She currently sells her truffles for $1 each. So I asked her, how much does the competition sell truffles for? She advised they sell for $2 to $2.50 each. So I probed further about how she set her price and she advised she worked from the cost of production up to arrive at a