July 30, 2013

The Difference Between Average and Excellence

I was recently working with my son on a science project. I have realised over the past year, his natural tendency (and I think this is true for most 11 year old boys), is that ‘average’ is good enough. Unfortunately, it is not good enough in my household! The challenge however, was not to assert my opinion, but to get him to see the implications of ‘average’, decide if he was happy doing average work and then try and guide him towards excellence. I am not one of those mums that do the science project for their child – but  
July 29, 2013

Packaging Is The Final 10 Seconds

I read a great article the other day on packaging. It described it as the final 10 seconds of the sale. All the work done to get the customer in store and looking for your product goes to waste if your packaging turns them off…or fails to capture their attention. I love the analogy of packaging being the final 10 seconds. This directly relates to a conversation I had with a grower the other day. Once again, they were advertising their product in mainstream media (read EXPENSIVE) but their packaging was a complete turn-off from a shopper point of view.  
July 25, 2013

Using Trends to Future Proof Your Fresh Produce Brand and Pack

I love researching and monitoring food trends. When you’ve been doing it for several years, you can actually see trends evolve, drive product development and penetrate the marketplace. One of the important strategies I use in my work with clients is to research and evaluate current trends to see how I can apply them to my clients’ businesses. Being up-to-speed with trends and making them part of your business culture is one way to future proof your business and your on-pack message. Google the words “food trends” and you will get thousands of hits. I am a fan of The  
July 21, 2013

Sometimes Branding Is Simple

It’s is interesting to read about branding. There are lots of people who make it sound like branding is an expensive and complicated process. There is no doubt, if you are a big corporate with lots of brands in lots of countries, I am sure it is complicated and expensive. Fresh Produce Branding Does Not Have To Be Complicated But for the average produce company, I don’t think branding has to be that complicated at all. Take a look at this gum pack I just bought. I love it – vitamin gum. Any uncertainty at all what’s in the pack?