Creating Branding, Packaging & Positioning Strategy: Launching a New Food Category


Fresh Produce Alliance, an Australian fresh produce grower and producer, had very ambitious plans. As one of only five Australian companies to own revolutionary HPP technology, they intended to launch three new fresh produce product lines in less than a year – so they contracted Lisa Cork to bring these three new brands to life.

The first brand to be developed was a range of natural, avocado-based products made using HPP, an innovative cold pressure treatment that doesn’t degrade taste, colour or nutrients – and means products can be free from additives, preservatives or anything artificial.

The range included fresh avocado, avocado butter, and avocado-based smoothies and a world-first (simply divine) chocolate-avocado mousse, all of which ticked a large number of allergen-free and nutritional boxes for consumers.


Using her proprietary FreshInsightsTM process, Lisa undertook background research to discover what customers were looking for in a fresh avocado product, develop a brand strategy and positioning, and ensure the positioning reflected FPA’s values, vision and mission of ‘nourishing humanity’.

Next, she and her team developed the AvovitaTM brand name, coupled with a fresh, beautiful new logo, packaging and on-pack copy to support the positioning.  The name, graphics and key messages were tested with consumers, then refined, refined, and refined again.  Lisa’s depth of knowledge of the fresh produce market, as well as recent wellness trends, ensured that the messaging ticked the right boxes with consumers searching for ‘free from/no allergen’ products.

In-depth research also went into the packaging design and merchandising – to ensure the brand really stood out among a sea of dairy brands in supermarket chillers.


Within twelve months, Lisa and her team had launched a powerful, fresh new brand to market: a brand that has cut-through and longevity, and is broad enough to encompass future line extensions. The products have been very well received in Asia and in addition to being delicious, are recognized for their brand innovation leadership.

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lisa Cork for over 15 years. She was part of our Gotta Love Em™ avocado naming project and when we decided to significantly invest in HPP technology to launch an array of fresh produce based, innovative new food products, Lisa was the only brand strategist I considered calling. We gave Lisa a list of products we were going to produce…and a blank slate. She was directed to do what she does best…which is creating high impact brands and packaging. The work of Lisa and her team was simply amazing. Creative, efficient, effective and wow – we are thrilled with our three new brands: Avovita™, Born Pure™ Baby Food and TRUU™ and their respective packaging. These brands are now being sold throughout Asia and feedback from every customer and consumer I sell to is…they love our brands and packaging.”

Jennie Franceschi, CEO, Fresh Produce Alliance