Born Out of Insight: Launching a New Baby Food Brand


Having successfully launched the Avovita brand for client Fresh Produce Alliance, Lisa was then asked to develop another entirely new category – a new brand of fresh, natural baby foods, made using HPP technology.

HPP is an innovative new process that preserves almost 100% of the natural colour, flavour, aroma and nutrients of fresh produce, while helping to keep it safe and increasing its shelf life potential – all using intense cold pressure and NEVER using heat, additives or preservatives.

The challenge was to ensure retailers and consumers clearly understood the benefits of HPP technology, and to ensure they could easily find and identify this new baby food in a different part of the supermarket: the chiller.


Where do you begin when you have a blank slate? You contact Lisa Cork of course! Lisa and her team undertook indepth studies of overseas baby food brands, particularly those using HPP technology. Based on the insights gained and utilising her FreshInsightsTM process, Lisa developed a brand positioning and brand name that really stands out in category, namely Born PureTM.

The name and positioning was tested with new parents, as was the packaging, brand identity and messaging to to ensure it resonated with potential customers. Then the messaging was refined further until finally, just a few months later … a beautiful new baby food was born.


Born Pure is a new range of nutrient-rich baby food that has turned Asia’s baby food category on its head. In its first year, this innovative product has been a hit with retailers and consumers alike.

“Part strategist, part trend setter, Lisa is one-of-a-kind and fantastic to work with. She truly became a part of our business during the journey from concept to production and worked tirelessly alongside us to ensure our success…even across the miles and time zones between Perth and Auckland. When you consider we developed and launched 3 new brands and over 25 new products within 18 months…it was a heroic effort by all involved – and Lisa was a key part of our team. As I look back, one other aspect of Lisa’s skill set stands out…which was the process she used to help us think bigger than just our products or our brands to be. Lisa conducted a strategic workshop at the start of the project, which helped us determine what we stood for and who we wanted to be as a food innovators. The creation of both our ‘Nourishing humanity’ brand story and our ‘We make healthy delicious’ brand essence gave us clear direction for every part of the production, branding and packaging process that followed and continues to drive everything we do at Fresh Produce Alliance to this day. I have nothing but great things to say about Lisa. If you work with her, there is no doubt in my mind, you are working with one of the best in the business.”

Jennie Franceschi, CEO, Fresh Produce Alliance