March 25, 2018

Location, Location: This Mantra Applies to Packaging Too

In the real estate game, the key to success is location, location, location. In designing packaging, a similar rule applies. The location of where and how your product will be merchandised is also important. In our work with Lone Star Growers Texas on their Winter Sweetz brand (see my Work tab for the case study), retail visits in their key markets revealed that 50% of the time, their grapefruit brands were merchandised in ‘portrait’ and 50% of the time, they were merchandised in ‘landscape’. Since most bags were graphically designed for portrait, one way for my client to stand out  
March 14, 2018

Health on the Shelf

Going a bit off-piste with this brand – but just seen at @sxsw festival in Austin. Not necessarily a #brand or #packaging for a supermarket shelf – but quite likely these kits will be popping up at a USA pharmacy near you. Medical testing democratised for the masses…interesting stuff.
March 9, 2018

Compelling Graphics Demand Notice

Every brand has a graphic element – whether intentional or not. Even just a low budget, font treatment makes a statement as a graphic element. Graphics are very important to the perception your brand and pack creates. As seen on a recent trip to Shanghai, the graphics on these Labooko chocolate bars are amazing. Each almost a unique piece of art – and absolutely made me want to buy as I envisioned nothing but quality chocolate inside. What do your brand graphics saying about your brand? Your pack? Happy branding. #branding #brandstrategy #packaging #foodpackaging #foodretailing #retail #brandsandpacks #chocolate #lovemyjob #womeninbusiness  
March 6, 2018

Clever Brands Have Risks And Rewards

Clever naming is a popular branding strategy. Slight misspells or changing pronunciation are tricks used to convey a brand theme – especially in crowded categories where the more common names are taken. However, you need to be careful your brand name does not get too clever. Take this pack ‘tude. What’s your interpretation of what ‘tude stands for given this is a fresh apple juice that features different varieties of apples?? My guess is it’s short for ‘attitude’ and the goal of the brand was their target consumer has a bit of a ‘tude about their preference for a fresh