April 7, 2014

Produce Stickers That Sell

I often find growers are a bit ho-hum about their packaging. In particular, they seem very ho-hum about their PLU type stickers. Often their thinking is…how can a sticker make a difference? To see a sticker as a marketing tool, you’ve got to change your thinking. Any message that goes on your fresh produce is a sales and marketing tool. It costs you money, so therefore it needs to work hard to help drive your sales. I am always on the hunt for great stickers, so I wanted to share this avocado sticker. Using A Sticker To Educate In much  
August 12, 2013

Snail Secretions Cream Provides Produce Packaging Insight

I’ve spent the last week in Asia. As my goal there was to come up with some new category strategy concepts for a client, I was in full ‘observation’ mode. By that I mean, I was looking and watching and analysing and absorbing everything I could to get insights into cultures that are very different from my own. Magazine Ads Provide Insights You Can Use In Your Packaging Along with store visits and observing packaging and what’s on the shelf, I also get a feel for the culture and what’s important to consumers by looking through magazines. One of the  
August 10, 2013

Great Mango Pack Steals My Heart

I love it when I come across a great fresh produce pack. It thrills me to my toes to see effective on-pack marketing in action. I was recently in Singapore doing some retail strategy work for a client and I stumbled across this fantastic Pakistan mango pack. What makes it so good? Lots of things. First, it educates shoppers on mango ripeness. I believe as produce growers and marketers we have a duty to educate shoppers so they can be successful with our products. This pack, through using the simple colour guide for ripeness, educates shoppers exceptionally well. Second it  
August 6, 2013

What Does A Man, A Chook and a Sticker Have To Do With Fresh Produce Branding?

That is a great question. I know I go on and on ad nauseam about niche marketing – about picking a target audience and then talking specifically to them. If you are an avid reader of this Packaging Matters blog, you will know I think one size fits all marketing is old school…passé’, yet it is the norm in fresh produce. One could potentially argue it was the norm in poultry as well…until…the chicken marketers in NZ set out to reinvent chicken…for men. Take a look at this photo. It is simply a fresh whole chicken (chook down under) but