March 20, 2017

The China E-Commerce Explosion

I’ve been tracking the rise of e-commerce fruit sales in China for the last 18 months, through the likes of companies like FruitDay. Yummy77 is one of the new e-commerce fruit sales companies in Shanghai. This delivery was laden with boxes and had two ice-chests for keeping product cold. Very efficient and effective. Having met and heard Loren Zhao speak, it is interesting to hear how he describes his business. He says, “We are a technology company that sells fruit.” And that describes the brave and burgeoning world of e-commerce in China. Having just spent some time in Shanghai, the  
May 6, 2014

How Homemade Truffles Link To Fresh Produce Value Growth

A girlfriend of mine recently started a business making homemade truffles. These little chocolate treats are amazing – creamy, flavourful and very hard to stop at one. She decided to sell them at a local farmers market and we recently spent time discussing her pricing strategy. She currently sells her truffles for $1 each. So I asked her, how much does the competition sell truffles for? She advised they sell for $2 to $2.50 each. So I probed further about how she set her price and she advised she worked from the cost of production up to arrive at a  
April 10, 2014

Be Wary of Stagnation

  Okay – I have a question for the men out there, but it comes with a warning. I am about to make a huge generalisation – so prepare yourself. Take a deep breath. Do not be offended. My question is – what is it with men and boards and senior management teams dominated by men that makes them so resistant to change?  Let me explain.  My consulting work is moving me more into strategy. I have a knack for seeing untapped opportunities within a company and helping them to change. As part of doing this work, I use an  
April 7, 2014

Produce Stickers That Sell

I often find growers are a bit ho-hum about their packaging. In particular, they seem very ho-hum about their PLU type stickers. Often their thinking is…how can a sticker make a difference? To see a sticker as a marketing tool, you’ve got to change your thinking. Any message that goes on your fresh produce is a sales and marketing tool. It costs you money, so therefore it needs to work hard to help drive your sales. I am always on the hunt for great stickers, so I wanted to share this avocado sticker. Using A Sticker To Educate In much