Creating an Innovative, ‘Clean-Label’ Brand, + A Packaging & Positioning STRATEGY for a new HPP Fresh Juice/Food Product Range.

Globally, the juice and ‘clean-label’ food category is expanding exponentially and retail shelf-space is crowded with both clever and earnest brands. The challenge was to develop a unique positioning strategy for a new range of HPP (High Pressure Processing) juice and food products that stayed true to the owners vision of ‘nourishing humanity’. The brand needed to showcase the beauty of HPP juices produced from real Australian fruits and vegetables… while cutting through the clutter of many competitive products on-shelf.

Lisa Cork initiated the project with her FreshInsights™ process and conducted extensive research into mindful eating, the clean food movement and wellness trends. Significant competitor and trend analysis also played an important part in finding the right territory for TRUU to communicate to its key buying audience.

A positioning platform of “genuine goodness” was decided, and the brand name TRUU‘ was created. The brand identity and packaging design for the range continued in this vein. Given HPP production maintains a product’s colour (unlike other processes), the design strategy was built around utter simplicity – transparency, clean design and minimal copy were used to allow the hero product to shine through.

The tagline, “Truuthful juice”, reinforces the product highlights – the beautiful colour and the juices being naturally delicious with no additives, preservatives or concentrates.

The TRUU brand launched successfully with eight new juices destined for Asia in early 2017. The final product clearly reflects the owners vision of ‘nourishing humanity’, while staying relevant and appealing for the target customer.