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Hello, I'm

Lisa Cork

I'm a fresh produce marketing specialist, a strategy expert and a creator of brands that help you succeed.

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I generate high impact strategies and develop category revolutionizing brands within the fresh produce industry. I help growers and marketers find their point of difference, tell their unique story and build brands that customers & shoppers want to buy.

If you are a fresh produce business looking to challenge competitors,
rebrand or create a new brand or you just want the expertise of a fresh set of eyes looking at your business and helping you find new opportunities...

then you’ve come to the right place.

My Services


For Hire

If you’ve got questions on branding, brand strategy, positioning, marketing, packaging communications, finding new opportunities or just how in the heck can you do what you are doing better, then my Strategist for Hire service is for you. As your strategist, I’ll answer your burning questions, give you structure and clarity, help you find and bring to life your USP and unique brand story and much, much more. I’m a strategy whiz with 25+ years experience working with companies just like yours.

Branding and



As your branding/rebranding advisor, I help you minimize risk and avoid expensive mistakes associated with brand development.  I help you navigate the complexities of working with a brand agency, ensuring you get the results you deserve. If you want to validate your need for a brand/rebrand or experience a worry free and stress free branding/rebranding process, this service is for you.


Workshop Presenter


Looking for a speaking dynamo to rev-up a company meeting? A hired gun to deliver value at a customer event? A future-focussed strategy expert to inform your board or senior management team? Look no further. From keynotes to plenary sessions, from dynamic workshops to customised presentations, I deliver content that gets people energised, motivated and thinking about change. Content varies, but I specialise in high-impact presentations that challenge status quo thinking, showcase global trends (e.g. omni-channel marketing's impact on fresh produce brands) and get companies thinking proactively about disruption.

Watch my 2 minute show reel below to see me in action.

Business Coach

Staff Mentor

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Someone who understands the fresh produce business, knows the frustration of dealing with buyers. I get it. For 25+ years I have been speaking 'fluent grower', talking to and working with produce companies to help them achieve success. With my coaching/mentoring service, we work out a plan based on what you want to achieve. When you can’t always talk to others in your business, a coach can help you stay on track.



Got projects you want to get done? Ideas you need to research? Need an expert who can take on or take over a project and get it done? I do a range of project management work for clients around the world. From market research to marketing management, from writing content to interviewing clients. It could be managing your digital strategy in China or understanding a new QR code traceability system. When you know you don't have time to do it, but still want to get it done, consider my project management services. Let me help you achieve more.

Featured Work

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A Fresh Perspective

From Around The World

My Clients

Why I Rock Fresh Produce:

Locky Wilson, CEO

Delta Produce

Where we as growers just saw a brand refresh, Lisa and her team saw whole new opportunities to reposition kumara as a more consumer friendly vegetable. As a result of her vision, we have completely changed the way we market and pack our kumara and our growers are making more money as a result.

Joe Kosareff, CEO,

JK Farming

Working with LIsa, even across the miles, was easy. She was strategic, clever and innovative and took charge of the whole process, enabling me to get on with growing. My bottom line has benefitted from her expertise already.

April Flowers,

Lone Star Citrus

We were able to mamixmise marketing opportunities through existing avenues we had not previously seen as valuable or available. I would highly recommend Lisa to any produce business - she is the best at what she does.

Zoe Dichiera.


Borderland Farms

Lisa is highly creative and not afraid to revolutionise a category. She understands the needs and expectations of growers, consumers and distributors and the dynamics that connect them. Lisa is insightful and visionary, but most important she truly cares about delivering beyond the expectations of her clients.

Let’s Work Together

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PO Box 56-512, Dominion Road, Auckland, New Zealand 1446

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Featured Work
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